What is the LPN?

The Learning Platform Network is a group of education professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some of us are teachers, some are school leaders, some from Local Goverment and some are involved on a national level. What joins us together is a commitment to use online tools effectively and appropriately to support all aspects of school development.

At its core the LPN is platform agnosticLearning Platforms and Virtual Learning Environments come in many flavours. Some are single systems, others are different systems joined together, others are collections of Web 2.0-like tools chosen by schools to support their broad agenda of teaching and learning in their communities. The LPN is open to anyone who is more interested in effectively using these technologies to support schools - in whatever form these technologies may take - than seeking to prove that only one technology or product can support learning in the digital age. The newest, most sophisticated tool can easily be used in an ineffective manner, just as the most rudimentary tool can be used to great effect. The LPN exists to provide resources to support anyone who is interested in education and school improvement first, and technology second.

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